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25 September 2008

How we see God

How we see God is very important; close your eyes for a moment and look at God: is He smiling? Is He angry with you? Is He nowhere? Is He accusing you of your sins?
What you feel is your understanding of the Creation, of your life.
For centuries, God is only a projection of people's mind and we can see the disaster this causes in history books or in normal life: here
I found this yesterday, it's very interesting. These poor men are "saving" God from women and they are so proud of this, forgetting that all in Catholic ages, women where persecuted and we can see from these images that the story goes on. They don't ask themselves why the women are not with them. But the ego is proud, they defeat the women and there was no violence because of them.
I think in this case we can be proud of these women that didn't fall in the provocation of the ego of these men: see how I'm better than you? I use only prayers of God against you satanic woman.

Now a nice poem by Sheila about God; the poem is very simple, children are simple, God is simple: when you see him smiling at you, it's God.

Carlo Lopez

Meaningless Riot

"And there I was," he said,
"It was me against the world.
It was a huge and nasty riot.
Everyone asked me questions and
insisted I answered every single one of them."
"Wow," said the little girl, "What did you do?"
"Oh, that's simple," he said, "I told them
to look for the answer within themselves.
No matter what chaos they created, my answer stayed."
"Did they?" She held her teddy bear closer.
"No, they all ignored me as they have
for centuries now. They expect me to give
them the answer to everything. It's absurd, really."
The girl looked at him, "I don't expect you to answer,
I will listen and look within."
She said this as if offering comfort.
He smiled, "I know you would. But you are a child,
your questions are different.
You don't ask why your life is not joyful,
why you don't have the job you wanted,
why you could not get married,
why you could not have children,
why you aren't beautiful,
why life isn't simple,
why you are in jail,
why you are not in school.
These are really not questions I should be asked.
These are questions people must ask themselves.
But they refuse to believe they hold the fault
for everything and anything
that they think is not right in their own lives."
The little girl sighed and looked out to the sky,
"Why do we have clouds?"
God laughed,
"Now that is a question I would answer!"

by kind permission of Sheila "zaphi" Sanchez