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31 October 2008

Kallystra and God

One day the girl asked God, "I don't know what is happening to me... I, I love a man... I'm afraid, I'm afraid of going away from my house, from my mom... from you... I will be a woman if I follow him, I'll become like all them... all those adults full of pain and anger."
She started crying full of despair and fear.
God asked her, "Oh, my little woman, so you are ready? Who is this very lucky man?"
"It's a mage and he knows you... Lao is his name..." replied the girl.
"Oh Lao, I'm so happy for you! With him you will not loose me :) I know him well, I gave him to you because you are my sweet little daughter and I really don't want to loose you."
The girl asked now with more relief, "So this love is... LOVE? A sacred love?"
"All loves are sacred LOVES! But... people forget... love, they forget me and their life becomes heavy, painful, they think they are alone.
"Don't worry my delighted, you and him will not forget love, you will be never alone. Love will be always with you.
"Now come here. Hug me, and go to him, never be afraid. I'm always near you, just ask, remember to ask me."
The young lady hugged God, her heart was more light now. Slowly she went away, - Lao was waiting for her - a whisper in her ear continued all her life: "I am love, remember my sweet, I am love."

Kallystra e Dio

Un giorno Kallystra chiese a Dio, "Non so cosa mi succede... io, io amo un uomo... sono spaventata, sono spaventata d'andar via dalla mia casa, da mia mamma, da te, sarò una donna se lo seguo, diventerò come tutte loro... come tutti quegli adulti pieni di dolore e rabbia."

Cominciò a piangere piena di disperazione e paura.
Dio le chiese, "Oh, mia piccola donna, così sei pronta? Chi è questo uomo così fortunato?"
"Lui è un mago e Ti conosce... il suo nome è Lao..." replicò la ragazza.
"Oh Lao, sono così felice per te! Con lui non Mi perderai :) Lo conosco bene, gli ho dato te perché tu sei la mia dolce piccola figlia e non voglio perderti."
Kallystra ora chiese con maggior sollievo, "Così questo amore è... AMORE? Un amore sacro?
"Tutti gli amori sono AMORI sacri! Ma... le persone dimenticano... l'amore, dimenticano me e le loro vite diventano pesanti, dolorose, pensano di essere sole.
"Non preoccuparti mia diletta, tu e lui non dimenticherete l'amore, non sarete mai soli, l'amore sarà sempre con voi.
"Adesso vieni qui, abbracciami e vai da lui, non aver mai paura. Sono sempre vicino a te, semplicemente chiedi, ricordati di chiedermi. "
La giovane donna abbracciò Dio, il suo cuore era adesso più leggero. Lentamente se ne andò, Lao la stava aspettando. Un sussurro nel suo orecchio continuò per tutta la sua vita: "Io sono amore, ricordati mia dolce, Io sono amore."

14 October 2008


It's not easy to be free.
we always try to "jail" our life,
a family becomes always a jail,
work always become a jail,
games always become a jail,
love always becomes a jail.

At the beginning every one of these things seem so nice, so attractive.
And they are, it's how we spoil them, how for fear we "jail" them.

How many times do you see authors or comments of how it would be annoying to have a flat "peace" in our life? This is a trick of the mind, we always escape peace. We escape it by doing so many things in during out day and not a single minute for us, never: if we have nothing to do, we turn on the television, read a book, or post in a blog :)

In Eastern culture, once, meditation was important for the human being; meditation is a moment for ourselves, for having some peace, some deep joy.

Take 2 minutes for yourself, close your eyes , relax and open your body and ask for peace, don't do anything else. Communicate, this is essential. Who to communicate with? Choose what you prefer: in Tai Chi we can say energy. In a religion, they can call it God, Holy Spirit, Christ, Buddha, Maometto, Hallah, Shiva, Krishna. Oh, you can also try with your beloved! You will be surprised how powerful he/she is.
So, after you start to communicate, simply for ask peace and joy. (omg, afterward, don't feel guilty if you feel it! It's a trick of your mind to go back to your normal state.)

Carlo Lopez

Peace and joy are not annoying. If one goes in them and is not afraid of them, they become greater and greater, like the sea.
Sheila in this beautiful poem describes very well this "endless sea".

"Free" (Because there really wasn't anything else I could name it.)

She woke up today
feeling like a dove,
dancing (flying)
and singing (chirping)
in the breeze over an endless sea.
Sweet freedom.
She wanted to write about it too,
but no words came.
Oh well, she thought,
I have this good feeling
and no one can take it from me,
no one can ruin it for me.
Even if it wasn't on paper,
or blogged about,
or written about in a diary,
or shouted of in the middle of an intersection,
she felt like everyone knew of it.
Who could miss such a brilliant light
shinning so bright within her
that it illuminated the earth with a far, far better light
than even the sun itself could provide.
A far, far better sight
than the constellations could ever hope of becoming.
Yeah, she felt that good.
Have you?
No? Then you should let it go.
What 'it' is, only you know.
Maybe it's whatever you think of when you cry,
or when you feel all hope is lost,
or whatever you think of when you feel it's your fault.
That's the 'it' you need to say goodbye to.
And when you do,
you can join me in song

by kind permission of Sheila “zaphi” Sanchez

12 October 2008

Stock market

I don't understand why it must always go up?!

The sun goes up and down, the moon changes in the same way, the seasons are  a circle. Taoist philosophers called this natural process Tai Chi, Tao: Yin and Yang. All life is Yin and Yang, we get up in the morning (not all of us in the morning :), but we all get up and when we are tired, we lay down.

Life starts breathing in (Yin) and ends breathing out (Yang). For our entire life, we breath in and out, there is no exception: why must this be different for societies quoted in the Stock market?

I can understand if you buy, fixed, rent things, you give people your money, does not matter what they do with this money. You tried to help them and they give you back something, but why all the quoted societies must go up?
In Milano, 27% was lost (first graph), that means that the Mibtel, before, went up 27%, now it's evening, must go down.

The problem, I think, is that the going up is an illusion, a nice mirage for letting people put money in stocks, but at the end they loose money because who does the "joke" is the one that takes the missing amount.

Here are two interesting graphs of Milano Mibtel, the first looks horrible, how the line goes down! But it's an illusion, this is a 3 month projection. The second graph tells us more the truth, the Tai Chi movement, it's a projection of Five years.

One problem of not understanding Yin Yang stock market is that people get in panic and sell everything so the crack can be even worse; this is good for someone because if there is someone that looses, there is always someone that gains: this is called "Capitalism".

If you don't want to loose money, don't be afraid; if all are not afraid, there will be no panic and the Yin and yang of the "market" would be more soft.

Carlo Lopez


Now a poem by Sheila, in this one we can see the desperation for not having understood Yin and Yang.

It Happens

Scream out to the city lights.
Yell out your feelings,
your thoughts,
your fears,
your wants,
your needs.
No one will listen, you think,
so you yell,
"I feel angry,
You have your hands on your head,
pulling your hair,
jaw tightly clenched.
Dropping to the floor on your knees,
you weep.
"Why are you angry?"
Has the city responded to your cry?
Though amazed and confused, you yell back,
"Life doesn't go my way."
"Why are you depressed?"
"Life doesn't go my way."
"Why are you screwed?"
"Life will never go my way."
"And how can you feel guilty?"
"I have done nothing to make life go my way."
"Do you think you are so important
and powerful
to be able to 'make' life go your way?"
A shiver runs down your spine
making your head shake up
and now you're staring at the sky.
You are not an almighty being.
Shit happens.

by kind permission of Sheila “zaphi” Sanchez

01 October 2008

The Mage and the Angel (a real story)

One day a mage arrived in a far away little town,
he was tired for the long walking and sit for a moment against a wall.
A nice chant arrived to his ears, "What a wonderful voice!".
He climbed the wall to look inside and a beautiful angel was there.
Omg, thought the mage, I never saw such a beauty...
"Hi there", he said and looked the angel.
"Hi" replied the angel, attracted from the huge smile on the face of the mage.
"I'm mage Lao, and you?" "I'm a little bird in a cage, my name is Kallystra".
"A little bird in a cage? lol, I see only a beautiful angel".
They loved each other immediately; every day the mage came to meet the angel, their love was protected by God, always they had the manner to stay together, speak and love themselves.
One day the angel said to him: "Lao, I really think you are right, I'm an angel :)" "Yes darling, you are an angel, your blue wings are so beautiful, your lips... your chin, all is shining in you.
Their hearts were together as one, beating as one, all the angels in the sky, all people where moved by their great love...
One day the mage said to the angel: "Now we must go, God want's you move from here with me."
The angel was afraid to leave and the mage started coming day after day for his love.
One day he said, "My heart, today is the last day we can go, please come with me."
The angel replied: "I'm a bird in cage, my place is here."
The mage, tears falling from everywhere, went away; his heart with an only hope, maybe one day she will find help and with her beautiful wings, she can go back to her place near God.
Drops start falling from the sky on the cheeks of the mage.

Carlo Lopez