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23 December 2008

Daedalus: the maze, the wings

Daedalus was trapped in a maze that he himself built. The maze is our normal life, we do over and over the same mistakes, fighting others, being depressed after having followed stupid things, eating too much every day, or too little, searching happiness where we will never find it and then searching again, games that have no end, losing ourselves, awaiting death, bored and happy only when we have new things, new loves, new books, new songs. In eastern culture they say we are in the maze for so many lives and we go on and on without finding the way out.

Daedalus in this Greek myth manages to find a solution to escape the maze: wings, with wings we fly, we are free, with wing we can flow into our life, the mind is free, has no attachments and can follow moment after moment the winds and we can go where we must go lightly, happily.

Wings are always on our back, we can feel them if we try, they are always there. Some people arch their back so the wings disappear, they are slaves of their inflexible ideals, of their stiff thinking, they can even think that God wants what they are doing... no, God wants that we fly, God wants us to flow moment after moment in our life, following His signs; God doesn't want books where we must do all what we think He said we "must" do: death books... God is alive, moment after moment, instant after instant.
So wings are of angels, we are angels fallen down, we fell because we hid our wings, but the wings are still there, ready to open and the wings are on the back side of our heart, that opens to our spine. We think we love, but only with one part of our heart, the front part and loves end always sadly cause they block themselves; when we open our back side of the heart, when we have wings, our love is free to fly, moment after moment and has no end.
The Greek myth teaches us two things, one is to be careful to not melt our wings with to much fire, like what happened to Icarus, the son of Daedalus: if when we fly we get too full of ourselves, we lose our wings, we don't flow no more, we are in the ego, we forget that God makes us fly, we become gods.
If we fly too near the water our wings get wet and in this case we can't fly no more. Our emotions, water, overwhelm us; we are deep in anguish and we don't see no more the light, we think we are left alone to deal
with our life and we don't see any way out.

Why did the son die, what's the meaning of this? The son is Daedalus ego, he was still split in two, he was trying to get out of the maze, trying to leave apart is ego. The son was that part of Daedalus that felt for the first time to be so powerful and he tough he was himself the creator of this, so he tried to substitute himself to the Sun - this the meaning of Icarus falling down after he went too near the sun -, every time in life we try this, life is too hard, we do everything ourselves without asking help.
Daedalus only lost is ego because he manage to continue flying and not falling as usual into depression after the megalomaniac state of is son, in depression he would have touched the water and also in this case he would have lost his wings and would have been lost again in the maze, again in a state of death.
The maze is an illusion of our life, we have always had wings, they can never be cut, but we can hide them to ourselves and live an illusion.

Many people want a son not only like an act of love, but also to substitute God, the Father and Mother, in this case, Daedalus had one, his ego son.

Carlo Lopez

* what I mean for ego
Ego: ego is a construction of the mind, a part that build himself in a not natural way. a part that is not listening to our real feelings and acts only in a power way, (this causes suffering) a part that uses guilty to feel himself strong, a part that put himself in the place of God thinking that he (the ego) created himself.
We can say is the demon, a narcissistic self.
A dictator is an ego man cause he needs other people to be a dictator, he can't be 'himself' without going against other people.
Can also be a mother or a father that want their daughter becomes a doctor or a nurse, not letting her be what her life wants she will be, maybe a poet, maybe a worker; they "use" the daughter to gain power for them self (non necessary in a conscious way).
The ego must kill God cause he is god and made himself.
Church are an ego expression of human being, they use God to gain power, but they kill God, they create a false God, a projection of themselves, not an alive God.

02 December 2008

The old sun, the young night

The morning, the child, like the sun appearing on the horizon, meets the mother, the night leaving place to the day.

Same was your story, you, the day going down, met Sheila, the young night coming out.

The moment is magic, all things stop, a door of energy is open, hearts stop beating for some instants.
At one moment, you don't know exactly, all is gone, the day disappeared, the night is there all over, covering everything.

This was you love Carlo and Sheila, was beautiful, but... this happens day after day, not only one day :)

Try to remember this, can't be one, must be, must be, must be, otherwise nothing will grow, everything will be death forever.
Come out both and start again! Don't be afraid! I'm near you to help you, every day will be the same, but will be different. Every moment of your evening will be full of love and all people will always stop for a moment and whisper: what a beautiful moment for the old day and for the young night; what a beautiful moment for all us.

Thanks for this to Sheila and LadyNina Shaiya fighters :)