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19 November 2011

A simple Peng

Coming from one side,
slowing down with a well done Peng
twist down until Qi Gong two takes effect
and no one more can pull you again
how marvellous is the good Tai Chi
how marvellous the good Qi Gong
they go together, like two in one.
Don't reveal the secret,
it's so simple that nobody wants to understand
leave it a secret for the power of Qi
to reveal and hide itself
for the pioner of the art
and the old master
they'll smile each other
happy together

11 November 2011

Now, right now

Now, right now: listen me my love
I am here, right here, really near you
so near you cannot even think

let's do love, let's couple together my love
let's do of our love a mess of light
let's our hearts be one
now, now my dear

by Sheila

07 November 2011

You in me

There is no way out
you are not here
your body is not here

I can't touch your sweet skin
I can't look your deep eyes
I can't ear you donald duck voice

I have only you in me
I'm full of you inside
what can I want more?