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12 August 2010

Healing eyes and ears meditation

This is the beginning of an healing meditation for the eyes and the ears.
You have to lay down, the nose in this position is like a mountain, the eyes are two lakes.
For the combination of this two elements you can read my post of two years ago: An ancient mountain, a young lake
There is water (energy) coming down from the nose, it flows to the eyes from both sides of the bridge in an energetic waterfall and goes directly to the internal angle of the two lakes. Stay still until you feel this flow, if you don't feel nothing, you need to repeat this meditation, every day for some minutes, one eye at a time, as long as you get it.
There is one other flow of energy coming from under the nose, from inside the mountain (this part is directly in touch with the heart); feel an underground river that springs out to the internal angle of the eyes, under the lake. Both flows, (the first one, the one coming down from the mountain, is connected to the belly) are two different types of energy and they mix here, at the inner angle of the eyes.
This flow of water (energy) then covers the eyes: feel the stream going in four directions, to the upper (North) and to the lower part (South) of the eye, to the deepest part (Nadir) and to the upper one (Zenith) of them.
Stay feeling this for a while. At the beginning you can work on one only direction, after on the couple of them, North/South and Nadir/Zenith, when you have little time feel all the eyes fully covered.
The stream continues going to the outer part of the eyes and here forms a big waterfall going down to the ears, but first the energy fills up the temples, an important acupuntcure point, stay here until you like, then follow the falling water that reaches the ears, opening them. The ear must always be open for the health of the person.
Let the water go inside and feel like the ears are dungeons under the earth level. You must go deep inside, so deep that both rivers rejoin in the middle of the head.
This is the first part of a very nice and healthy meditation my Guides gave me.

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