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01 October 2008

The Mage and the Angel (a real story)

One day a mage arrived in a far away little town,
he was tired for the long walking and sit for a moment against a wall.
A nice chant arrived to his ears, "What a wonderful voice!".
He climbed the wall to look inside and a beautiful angel was there.
Omg, thought the mage, I never saw such a beauty...
"Hi there", he said and looked the angel.
"Hi" replied the angel, attracted from the huge smile on the face of the mage.
"I'm mage Lao, and you?" "I'm a little bird in a cage, my name is Kallystra".
"A little bird in a cage? lol, I see only a beautiful angel".
They loved each other immediately; every day the mage came to meet the angel, their love was protected by God, always they had the manner to stay together, speak and love themselves.
One day the angel said to him: "Lao, I really think you are right, I'm an angel :)" "Yes darling, you are an angel, your blue wings are so beautiful, your lips... your chin, all is shining in you.
Their hearts were together as one, beating as one, all the angels in the sky, all people where moved by their great love...
One day the mage said to the angel: "Now we must go, God want's you move from here with me."
The angel was afraid to leave and the mage started coming day after day for his love.
One day he said, "My heart, today is the last day we can go, please come with me."
The angel replied: "I'm a bird in cage, my place is here."
The mage, tears falling from everywhere, went away; his heart with an only hope, maybe one day she will find help and with her beautiful wings, she can go back to her place near God.
Drops start falling from the sky on the cheeks of the mage.

Carlo Lopez

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