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09 June 2010

19 years old

Woman fall to sleep when they reach 20,
like the Sleeping beauty or White snow or like the tales of young ladies imprisoned in high towers...
only a prince can wake them up...
but in our culture he always needed to kill the dragon,
it's necessary or we have a new solution
like the delicious movie "How to Train Your Dragon"?

Carlo, love is the only reality, the only thing existing;
teenagers discover love, they discover the world has princes, they search for their prince.
Love is not easy and when they have their prince
they want to imprison themselves with him in a castle,
they are no more teens and love slowly disappears from their life,
they forget love, now they need solid walls, an husband, children,
all what you said and yes, also sex,
sex is important cause they are lacking something,
but they don't remember what it is and they compensate with sex...

Sometimes a prince, comes to our life.

Woman is not exact in your question, it's the Yin principle in all humans,
woman and men that wait in this prison the Yang principle, love, to free themselves.

The dragon is the snake,
the sexual impulse that without love has no meaning
and this impulse imprisons all human being cause it's demanding,
needs nice faces, needs exteriority, needs money,
needs we are nice and sexual for others, it enslaves all our life.
If everybody considers how sexuality in our life is strong and how suffering it make us...
we buy a nice car cause we need to have it and we must work hard for it,
all this comes from sexual impulse...
The prince coming, the Yang element, love, needs to fight with the dragon to free us,
but love doesn't need to fight the dragon,
love needs the dragon, the sex element,
cause this is like the horse of the prince, sex has it right place with the prince.

So the stories of prince cutting dragon head?

:) that's not a real prince... it's not love, is hate...
how can love do without sex? how can love cut out our energy?
Carlo, how can love be without kisses? :))))

yes Carlo, this is the meaning of Eve, the snake and the lost heaven

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