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21 June 2010

Heartbroken - 2

When one heart is broken because the other doesn't want us?

Nothing, nothing, really nothing...
One must stay still, without moving, without searching the other, waiting.
It's very difficult cause we try everything to have back our beloved, but difficultly it works, or we try to change to someone else, but this is not what our heart wants for the moment, so waiting and supporting ones pain is the only thing we can do.
It's also better to not do things that are no useful, wasting time, energy is important now, the other feels our energy and in most cases the other still love us, but he closed his heart and he is disconnected from it and most is for this he/she went away or doesn't want us. If there is no love in the other, our heart generally stops loving quite soon and gets free for a new love.
So in a state where one heart is closed the other must leave his/her hearth open, leave energy moving to reopen the other heart.
No need to be too sad, one has to accept the other decision, accepting takes off the pain, but must not change cause love is sacred and in life we can't love everybody.

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