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29 July 2010

The idealism

There is no idealism in God, there is only peace in Him, peace and love. Why you need idealism Carlo, don't you have an heart? An heart that feels what is correct and what is not correct?
Do you see all the wars? All come from a sort of idealism, there are so many.
A person thinks and he arrives to a conclusion and that conclusion becomes like a law and must be fulfilled and this must be in the years, in hundreds of year. Religion are like that, some thinking are correct, maybe is a good thing to not eat meat, but this is not in Tibet Buddhism, why? Because they lived at 4000 meter in high mountains, its' cold, they have only meat, they can't kill them self for an idealism! Even that there are lot of people that can kill them self for stupidity... look New York ground zero, look kamikazes people...
Idealism comes from the ego, it's needed to support the ego and there are no bad and good idealism, there are all from an ego state, you follow your idealism and your ego inflates more and more and you become arrogant, you are the one, the right one, the chosen one, the chosen people, you are the best because you do correct, right... but all this is not worthwhile, it's only a waste of time and it's heavy, very heavy and God is not there, He is not near one ego following his idealism.
Follow your heart Carlo, every instant, in every situation, sense the correct answer for every moment coming, a wise person is always like this, he doesn't know before what is correct, what is wrong, he knows, smelling, touching, looking and feeling because every moment, every place, every person in life is different.

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