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18 July 2010

Men that kill women

Men that kill women

Yes Carlo, it's very sad and they kill their beloved, they kill who could help them to have a new life. These men feel great love and they think they are alone once their love is gone, it's not so, they can feel them, can love them even alone... suddenly their heart was for the first time full, full of light, full of joy and they think now they are alone, and no one will never fill them anymore. They start hating their loved, they only project the hate they have for themselves, the hate they always had inside that for a moment was hidden by the love they touched.
Carlo, love is everywhere, in every person, they don't understand this.

Why man?

You ask me way man? a boy has a mother, she hated them... a girl has a father, if he hated them women will have a revange leaving men, for men is more difficult, they are less good to sustain pain, they react more violently.
When men are attacked by woman, every woman must think that these men had a mother, a mother that didn't teach love to their child. And in the culture men must be 'strong', woman no, woman can be gentle, a gentle men often is considered only a fool :(

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