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16 July 2010

Sheila for Carlo

Nothing, really nothing can stop us loving each other.
We tried, we tried in every mode, you harm me, I harmed you, you betrayed me, I betrayed you.
I left you, I tried to get rid of all my love for you, I waited years that it was gone, nothing, is still there.
I tried to wait that all your love for me was gone, nothing, nothing happened, all your love is still there.
We are full of love for each other, what we will do now?
There is nothing we can do, i only know you are my love, you, only you, I can trow it in the ground, I can spit on it, I can make it shit, I can beg God to take it away... but... it's still there, untouched, it's still there in his beauty, untoucheable.
My love, my only love,
will you take it this time?
I only beg you this, take it, we can't do nothing, it's my love for you, it's, it's here, sweet, trembling, joking, laughing, screaming, crying, take it my only one :)

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