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13 July 2010

The mask

A mask is a cover, changes our real face, changes our lines, if you want to cry, a mask makes you smile. A mask is heavy, people use several masks, they have one for every situation, they can change them with every different relation, person.
What to do? God doesn't want masks, he did you like that, free, boys and girls are free, adults no, wise man are again free so a wise man is with no mask and people can be terrified to see a wise man, they can see the power of God in him.
They don't want to see God, they like the mask with that little stupid smile, so good for not thinking, so good to remain slaves among slaves. Yes, sometimes they change, there is also the mask with some tears, the laughing mask, the sad mask, the 'oh, how i understand you' mask and so on.
Energy Carlo, it's a matter of energy, people use all their energy for masks cause a mask must be kept all the day long, all the night and sometimes in the night there are battles inside, battles between masks, battle between yourself and the masks and in the morning you don't know no more who you are... you wake with the orrible sensation of a new day coming... you look in the mirror... but the real mirror is the first person you meet, with stress, strenght, almost automatically you put on the right mask, in family can be an hard mask, something like - here I'm the only one that works -, also at work depends on the social scale, a smiling one or an intelligent one for a superior, a hard one to a new employer, a stupid ass one for the nice nearly naked collegue.
Let your real emotion come out, what do you think a face is for if not to show oneself.
Feel your right emotion and have the courage to go out with that face.

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