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27 July 2010

The sword symbolism

A swords has two meanings, to cut, to destroy, to conquer or to reconquer, to regain, to return to a state that was lost and to give it new energy.
A swords has two blades that symbolize this duality, but a sword can be held in two ways, upwards or downwards.
No need to explain the difference in the Tarots cards when the Ace of swords is pulled out straight or reversed, in Tai Chi the sword is held with the point to the sky, in military it's in the sheath, with the point to the ground. One position is life, one is death.
The energy that the swords moves in the environment is not the same in both cases, in the Disney movie, The sword in the stone, the energy in the nation, in the people is all blocked, there is no king, there is no king able to lift the sword, only Arthur will pull it out and will lift it to the sky, because he was trained to the sword secrets by his teacher, the wizard Merlin. When in the movie he lifts the sword, the sky opens and a celestial sound comes down and he is the king.
In The Lord of the rings we have the same meaning in two situations; the first time, the king of Rohan, Theoden, is freed by the wizard 'Gandalf the white' from the sleep in which he was. Gandalf says to him these words: "This king needs a sword" and they bring to Theoden his sword, he takes it in his hand, and rises it and in that moment he is fully again himself, blood running in his veins.
The second sword is even more important, is the sword that was broken, Erendil. And still there is no king for that sword: Aragon, he is only a strider. In all the Tolkien masterpiece, he slowly comes back to his real state and when the broken sword is re-forged by Arwen, his life companion, the Yin element in us, Aragorn, the Yang element, takes it in his hand and lifts it to the sky and immediately he is king again, king of Gordon, that for hundreds of years was only ruled by a steward waiting his king was back.
The king is our Yang element, Arwell, the Yin element, reforges the sword.
The king is our heart, Arthur, Theoden, Aragon are symbols, they are the hearts of their realm, the sword symbolizes our spine, fully working, the hilt in our sacrum, a special name for this bone, the mover of the body, like the rudder for a ship or an airplane - a captain is always near the steering wheel of his ship - the tip of the sword it's the head, free to move.
All this is only symbolic, we don't need a real sword, but we can harm our self - million of people have back pain - or people around us, or nations, if we have not our 'internal sword' pointing to the sky.


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